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FACE-TO-FACE EDUCATION is a one student/one teacher online learning system.  In the comfortable, familiar surroundings of his or her own home or other private place, and using the free SKYPE video connection available for all computers, a student logs on to our teacher/tutor.


Each student schedules a lesson time with the teacher and with a click, the teacher is live, right there!


A student can continue lessons anywhere - away on vacation, or traveling - year round - anywhere SKYPE video is available! No more student commuting to the teacher/tutor and no more teacher/tutor commuting to the student's home.


Working together, one-on-one, student and teacher explore the intricacies of course subjects in real time.  Every student proceeds at his or her own pace and learning style.


The experience is like having the private teacher side-by-side, face-to-face with the student, guiding the learning process until course concepts are understood and mastered.  No distractions, real focus, and lots of fun, too.  The student is the center of attention!


Lessons last one hour.  If a student has not completed an assignment before a lesson, our teacher will work on the assignment with the student at time of lesson.


THE FIRST LESSON is ALWAYS FREE!  Just as a potential owner test-drives a new car, a potential student test-drives a new teacher/tutor.


Once a student makes the decision to proceed, lessons continue progressively until the student (and/or the teacher) determines that learning objectives have been attained.  Simply using a credit card via PayPal, lessons are purchased in lots of 4-hour/lessons in advance (see FEES) - OR BY ARRANGEMENT on a lesson-by-lesson basis.  Remember, we are flexible.


OUR TEACHING STYLE and APPROACH - The optimum goal of excellent teaching should be to lead a student to the ultimate thrill of understanding and mastering a concept.  Then, it is essential to highly praise the result - to fortify the student's sense of personal accomplishment.


FACE-TO-FACE EDUCATION regularly posts comments on education in general and teaching methodologies in particular, using real-life video examples of our actual student/teacher lessons -(see WATCH REAL LESSONS).


SUBJECTS currently offered - (see COURSES):





Mr. Linton received his Bachelor's degree in Honors Theater with a minor in Latin from the University of British Columbia, and his Master of Fine Arts degree in Dramatic Art from the University of California/Davis.  With the University of the State of New York, he has studied Educational Psychology, the History of American Education, and Reading Instruction in the Elementary School.


From 1987 to 2006, he was the Senior Tutor in English for a private New York City tutoring service.  He taught, one-on-one, over fifty college-bound students grammar, composition, vocabulary building, reading comprehension, literature, and SAT I, SAT II, ACT, College Application Essays, and GED test-taking techniques for both young and mature students.  He developed original teaching/learning methodologies for English language disciplines, chose appropriate teaching materials, including textbooks and teaching systems and tailored them to each student’s level and learning style.  In addition, Mr. Linton maintained excellent relationships with parents, and fellow teacher/tutors in other disciplines.


From 1987 to 1991, as a Certified High School English teacher, he taught middle and high school level English and Latin courses on an on-call basis, at Allen-Stevenson, Dwight, Columbia Grammar, and at other private and public New York City schools.


From 2006 to 2012, Mr. Linton home-schooled his son, developed a classically-based curriculum, and tailored teaching methodologies to his son's student level and learning style.  He taught his son all Grade level subjects from 3rd to 8th Grade including: English grammar, spelling, vocabulary building, composition, poetry, literature and Shakespeare, Latin, Greek and Roman Mythology, Mathematics, World and U.S. History, World and U.S. Geography, Science, Music and Art Appreciation, Elementary Economics, Comparative Religion, Informal Logic, and Test Preparation for the California Achievement Tests, SCAT Test (for Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth), National Latin Examinations, Specialized High Schools Admissions Tests (New York), Secondary School Admissions Tests and the Independent School Entrance Exams.


In the spring of 2012, Mr. Linton's son successfully wrote both the very competitive SHSAT and the BARD High School/Early College exams.   He accepted an offer of one seat (out of only 155 in 3,000 applications) to start his 9th Grade at BARD/Manhattan for the 2012-13 school year - and is currently a junior at BARD.


From 2012 to the present, Mr. Linton has taught Latin, Shakespeare Appreciation, English grammar, and Test Prep courses to students on the Internet via SKYPE, developing Internet teaching methodologies for these courses unique to the new digital age.


His relevant professional experience also includes a successful career as an actor from Broadway to feature films and TV.  Please see his comprehensive Bio and Resume on his website:  http://www.jplinton-voice.com/bio.html.


In addition, for the past twenty-seven years, Mr. Linton has narrated over 300 fiction and non-fiction audio books for the Library of Congress' National Library Service, Audible.com, and other audio book companies.


He has an excellent reading knowledge of French and a 20-year passion for reading French literature in French.


And finally, he has been married for twenty-three years and, with his wife and sixteen-year-old son, live between New York City and Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada.



One student.   One teacher.

Live online learning with a real master teacher in real time!

FREE first lesson and consultation!

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